Blending in

Hello loves! I hope you have all had a satisfying and relaxing weekend. This weekend I went for a barbecue with friends and today I went for a movie with family. We saw From Bombay to Paris, which of course made me dream of living in France as usual. It’s one of my dreams that is so close to my heart that I often catch myself daydreaming about fairy-tale moments in France. I am officially back in Dubai and that means “back to business”, I am trying to figure out how to live the life I dream of with the resources I currently have. I think sometimes it is important to just forget the rules and simply take a risk. They say you only regret the chances you didn’t take.Mmm easier said than done…

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Cut Out Brogues

Hey lovelies!
Guess who just bought a new pair of shoes? Me! I went on a mini shopping trip today and acquired a new pair of shoes. Of course I found myself in the shoe section of New Look as I usually do and my eyes naturally gravitated towards the patent cut out brogues that hung across from me, there were white ones and maroon ones but I just loved the classic black pair. I have never owned brogues and have always loved them from afar. And now that the cut out style is so in fashion I think that they are just crazy enough for my shoe obsessed heart. Continue reading

Kayture magic

Kayture magic

Umm, hey y’all!
Have your eyes seen this Kristina Bazan photo before? No, you say? well look. Kayture seems to be my new guilty pleasure blog that I find myself reading more and more without even noticing. Kristina writes so effortlessly and really connects with the readers. She’s charming, sweet and down to earth, with a kick-ass fashion sense. I’ve talked about her before. And this outfit post is no different, see how the lines are so simple,the colours monochrome and her hair is natural and free. She also adds minimal but striking make-up. I would love to walk out the door looking as elegant as Kristina does in this picture. She has so much confidence and always stays true to her true style, adding her touches of chic to every outfit.


Bisous xx