Blending in

Hello loves! I hope you have all had a satisfying and relaxing weekend. This weekend I went for a barbecue with friends and today I went for a movie with family. We saw From Bombay to Paris, which of course made me dream of living in France as usual. It’s one of my dreams that is so close to my heart that I often catch myself daydreaming about fairy-tale moments in France. I am officially back in Dubai and that means “back to business”, I am trying to figure out how to live the life I dream of with the resources I currently have. I think sometimes it is important to just forget the rules and simply take a risk. They say you only regret the chances you didn’t take.Mmm easier said than done…

In light of all these important decisions I need to make in my life I have decided to scale back and embrace the “less is more” approach since this is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and I’ve been practicing this with my clothing. For example, for last night’s barbecue I wore an all white look, with a white top and white jeans. I then paired it with a leopard print scarf for a pop of contrast.

Today I decided to wear a basic white sweater top and a pair of my favourite camel shorts from H&M. The white sweeter turned out to be quite a blip as I had to carry my dog at the vet and her black fur went all over my top. Ooops! Anyway, that’s why they invented Lint Rollers right?

blending in//neautrals

I hope you all have wonderful a week and remember: Less is more.



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