Once upon a dream


Today I have something quite interesting on my mind.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about creative endeavours and have been concocting some plans in head about things I would like to do in the near future. I’ve been feeling extremely inspired and free to dream. I’ve always been a dreamer, so this feeling is nothing new however, the feeling of actually somehow seeing these dreams come to fruition in the near future gets me very excited. I’m not quite sure where this new found motivation comes from, maybe it’s because I’m finally doing what I’ve been dreaming of doing for a lifetime (dabble in fashion). Or perhaps I’ve been listening to far to many podcasts on creative people, but for some unfathomable reason I feel extremely happy about the present and simultaneously enthusiastic about future prospects. These plans I talk of haven’t even been properly formed yet. I’ve written down lists on a page in my notebook and I’ve day dreamed about the rest. I often find myself getting thoroughly lost in my day dreams. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, sometimes it frightens me that I can get so properly involved in a world that only exists in my head. A world where anything is possible. A world where I’m completely confident and self-actualised and I’m doing everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing with my life.

This make shift world is of course all in my imagination and not based on reality. People say exactly what I want them to say (often all they do in my world is talk fondly of me and compliment me), they’re always happy to oblige my requests and they are endlessly happy, as am I.

I think we all have dream worlds we like to escape to. There’s nothing particularly wrong with dream worlds, the only problem is, is that they can’t be where the majority our energy and motivation goes to to. I I spend endless hours of my day living in this dream world and thinking of these unrealistic days where i’m working so hard and doing so much. I should be spending those hours in my conscious, tangible world, trying to do what I need to get done in the day. I’m basically wasting great chunks of time in my fake dream world. Instead I should be spending my time wisely completing the tasks that I need to in my real world.

I hope I haven’t lost most of you here, I don’t really know where I was going with this blog post. I guess I wanted to share how I’ve been feeling lately. I feel like I’m on the brink of a real breakthrough in my life. The problem with this feeling is that, I’ve been at this exact point many times before and I have somehow been afraid to take the leap to lasting, dramatic change. I’m worried that this joyful feeling will be all too fleeting and that all my dreams will remain in my head, never to realised.

I think that life is much less complicated than we think. We need to stop living in our heads in fear and start taking those risks. those risk may just lead us to the best dream life we have all been waiting for. It wont’t be perfect all the time and people won’t be exactly the way we want them to be, but guess what, it will be real. And that is better than any dream world anyone can sell me. I hope I can make this mental shift from living in my head to living in the real world. I can’t wait for all the adventures that are waiting for me, right outside my head.

Today’s post is a bit different. I do hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for reading!




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