Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

Visiting Miracle Garden 1

Hey Lovelies,

Last month I celebrated my birthday and had a bunch of things I wanted to do to celebrate. One of them, was  the Miracle Garden, which has been on my list for a while now and I am so glad took the opportunity to visit with my mom before it officially closed for the summer.

Visiting Miracle Garden 2

The Visit

Upon arrival, we quickly realised that this going to be a very warm little adventure. Thankfully, Miracle Garden does offer an umbrella per ticket purchased at the entrance. which is amazing, because of course I forgot my hat.

We ventured and proceeded to explore, umbrellas and cameras at hand, scorching sun beating down upon us, flowers all around us. The garden itself is quite extensive and we couldn’t explore and see everything in that single trip. I will have to return again in the cooler months to have an even better experience.

Visiting Miracle Garden 3

There are many pathways all around with different flower attractions – there was even a flower plane! all quite impressive. Naturally, my favourite part of the garden was heart pathway, which has been seen all over Instagram. I was so excited to see it for myself and take a picture in it. Ahh! just looking at the picture brings a smile to my face.

I highly recomend visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden, but don’t go in the middle of May like I did haha! It’s such a desert miracle and absolutely amazing for anyone who loves flowers.

My Outfit

On this lovely, sunny day in May I decided to wear all my favourite things. I have been so happy at the recent popularity of Gingham in the fashion world. It’s EVERYWHERE! I got my pink gingham top from Splash, which is an amazing store for affordable fashion. My jeans are from Topshop and they are a summer staple for me, they are the Jamie jeans and I actually haven’t found jeans that fit me as well as Topshop jeans do, I’m currently wearing a pair as I type this (they’re that good, make me feel like a model, even after a carb heavy meal). My shoes are a few seasons old from New Look, I feel like such a princess in them. The scarf has been with me forever and it has Paris sprawled all over it. And that, my friends,  is the low down on my outfit, I felt so cute and girly!

Let me know what some of your summer staples are in the comments below.

Visiting Miracle Garden 4

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post and thank you for reading!

Vuyi xxx

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