I’m back!

Hey lovelies,

Surprise! I’m back after a year long hiatus.

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of February, where has the month gone? I feel like I just celebrated the new year and yet here we are. I’m afraid this year will go by without me actively participating in it, that would be a tragedy. So with that in mind, I thought I would share some of my favourite moments from last year as a sort of reintroduction to my blog. I hope this will explain what I’m about and where I’ve been.


I wore the cutest outfit for my 24th Birthday. It was quite hot being the middle of May in Dubai but I thoroughly enjoyed eating fondue and strolling through Box Park.


I was able to travel to Bangalore, India and wear a saree for a wedding later on in May. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I’m so glad I was able to go.


I travelled to South Africa in August and finally got to meet my baby cousin; he’s the cutest little thing I ever did see.


I got all dressed up to attend the Iconic Youth fashion show, which turned out to be a fun night of dancing with my friends and sister.


I went to Dubai Fashion Forward and attended a few presentations and shows. It was honestly such a highlight for me. Mainly because it I really want to work in the fashion industry and seeing it up close was so exciting.

And those are some of my favourite moments from last year. I want this blog to be a space where I can share my love for fashion, my adventures, my lessons and hopefully inspire anyone along the way. Let’s hope I get to do more of that this year

Talk soon!



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