Cut Out Brogues

Hey lovelies!
Guess who just bought a new pair of shoes? Me! I went on a mini shopping trip today and acquired a new pair of shoes. Of course I found myself in the shoe section of New Look as I usually do and my eyes naturally gravitated towards the patent cut out brogues that hung across from me, there were white ones and maroon ones but I just loved the classic black pair. I have never owned brogues and have always loved them from afar. And now that the cut out style is so in fashion I think that they are just crazy enough for my shoe obsessed heart.

The thing is, I have always loved shoes but my feet have always been too small to just pick out any pair of shoes and walk away with them (after buying them of course!), but I have now come to peace with the size of my feet (I wear a size 3/35) and know that I need to make some adjustments with my shoes, like adding insets and sometimes stuffing my shoes with tissues…hahaha!

I am so happy to own these shoes, they truly match with my style, which is rapidly developing. I’m not quite sure what to call it, but I know what I like and am very sure of what I don’t like. Hopefully I can get rid of and sell all the clothes in my closet which do not match with my “easy elegance” aesthetic. Exciting times, watch this space!

I’m sure you are all dying to see how the shoes look by now… 😉


cut out brogues



Shoes: New Look Black Patent Cut Out Brogues


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Brogues-Saint Laurent


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cut out brogues-steve madden


Clarks Metallic Cut Out Brogues

Clarks cut out metallic brogues


Thank you for reading!


Vuyi xx



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