Mini haul on a travel day


Hey loves,

Tonight I am traveling back to my home in Dubai, I have enjoyed my time here in South Africa, although it has not been without it’s struggles. More photos of my travels and getaways within SA to come soon.

Today before breakfast I ran into Clicks which is a chain of drugstore in SA. My mom wanted an electric hair brush, my sister got some hair products and I of course browsed the make-up section. I firstly stopped at the NYX counter, and searched for the wildly popular butter glosses, but they were all out of stock except for a special collection of glosses that you can buy in one pack. That didn’t seen practical to me and I also didn’t want to spend money on more than one lip gloss, it seemed a waste. So I strayed from the NYX counter and searched for other make-up products. I finally decided on the Rimmel section. Rimmel is one of my fave drugstore beauty brands so I spent some time checking it out. I’ve been looking to try a liquid liner for ages now and decided to pick up the Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner. We will see if I enjoy it or not. I then got to the till and saw mini Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula body lotions! I LOVE mini products and this is one of my favourite body lotions so I decided to take one as well. I am sure I am going to enjoy these products so much and am mostly excited about finally going HOME! I can’t wait to cuddle my puppies!

much love!

Stay chic and stay classy,

Vuyi xx




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