Precious Jewels

Hello loves,

Today I want to talk about some of my most precious jewellery. These are the ones that came straight to my mind when I thought about doing this post. I’ve always had a fascination for vintage things, vintage fashion and history in general. I’ve imagined myself loving in different time periods like the 60s(twiggy) or the 40s or the 1920s(flappers). Or how about the days of Versailles and Queen Marie Antoinette? I love that film and I simply adored visiting the amazing palace and exploring the palace grounds. I simply have to go back one day and pretend it’s my home. There is something simply beautiful and romantic about the past. I love looking at antique pieces as well, speaking of antique pieces I found an auction site called¬†where you can spend literally hours browsing the endless amounts of jewellery, art and antique furniture. They are a simply wonderful discovery and I’ll be sure to stop by if I’m searching for some extra special pieces. Continue reading

New Workout Gear: Forever 21

Hey folks!

I hope you are all doing well! Today I want to talk to you about my new workout gear. I recently started doing Pilates with Cassey Ho’s Pop Pilates videos on Youtube. If you’ve ever wanted to try mat Pilates, her videos are super fun, easy to follow and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. In any case, since I have been trying to work on my fitness, I wanted to look good while working out and so naturally I went shopping for some gear. I already have workout clothing from my time training in University, but I needed something extra cute to keep me motivated. That’s when I picked up this sports bra and legging duo. The mint caught my eye immediately and I loved the adorable straps on the back. I really love the idea of cute sports bras and crop tops when working out and I’ve never tried it before, so I jumped at the chance to get this one. I will have to show you exactly how cute it looks when on, but for now I thought these pics would do just fine. Also how fun is my nail polish? I just had to add my nails to the picture because it’s been a while since I’ve had a manicure this bright. Continue reading

Congratulations Zoella on 5 Million Subscribers!!

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Minimalist denim


Hey all,
Today I wanted to put the spotlight on minimalist blogger Talisa Sutton. She’s Australian blogger for Badlands blog and works for Australian Elle magazine. Her love for symmetric lines and minimalistic styling has attracted the eyes of the world lately and her Instagram profile is proof that she knows how to squish her busy life into a stylised, beautiful and light 4 x 4 photo. I am currently obsessed with her and have lately been gravitating towards more minimalistic clothing. She is the inspiration I need to spring clean my closet and keep only the necessities. As I struggle with uni work I day dream of a life as simple and fashion forward as Talisa’s. This is what I call easy elegance!

Her outfit is so relaxed and yet so cool. if you think her clothing is cool, you should check out her daily foodstagrams-so amazing and vegan and yummy!