Precious Jewels

Hello loves,

Today I want to talk about some of my most precious jewellery. These are the ones that came straight to my mind when I thought about doing this post. I’ve always had a fascination for vintage things, vintage fashion and history in general. I’ve imagined myself loving in different time periods like the 60s(twiggy) or the 40s or the 1920s(flappers). Or how about the days of Versailles and Queen Marie Antoinette? I love that film and I simply adored visiting the amazing palace and exploring the palace grounds. I simply have to go back one day and pretend it’s my home. There is something simply beautiful and romantic about the past. I love looking at antique pieces as well, speaking of antique pieces I found an auction site called where you can spend literally hours browsing the endless amounts of jewellery, art and antique furniture. They are a simply wonderful discovery and I’ll be sure to stop by if I’m searching for some extra special pieces.

Getting to the jewellery, for this post I chose some pieces past down from my grandmothers and given to me by my mother. These are pieces that I make sure are kept locked away in a special place in my giant jewellery box. IMG_6584

These first earrings are mother of pearl earrings that were past down to me by my grandmother who has a great collection of jewellery and always wears the most beautiful pieces. My fondest memories are of her dressing table where her jewellery box was and all her perfume and pretty things were. I should also add that pearls are so beautiful to me and I always feel extra special when I wear pearls, like a real lady.


These second earnings are from my other grandmother and they are so very special to me because they remind me of my teenage years when I was in love with big, bold earnings and would never go out without a fabulous pair on.



And last but definitely not least are my most precious rings. I really need more rings in my life, I always struggle with size because I have such small fingers, but that is a story for another day. This ring was past down to me by my grandmother and it only fits my thumb…I guess it shall be my thumb ring? It’s lovely and it gives me royal vibes.

IMG_6589This last ring was given to me on my 18th birthday my my parents. It is a white gold  ring with an emerald stone, which is my birthstone and I simply love receiving jewellery on my birthday. I wear it on special occasions of course.

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my jewellery box. I really enjoyed writing it.

Thank you so much for reading!!

Vuyi xoxo


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