Minimalist denim


Hey all,
Today I wanted to put the spotlight on minimalist blogger Talisa Sutton. She’s Australian blogger for Badlands blog and works for Australian Elle magazine. Her love for symmetric lines and minimalistic styling has attracted the eyes of the world lately and her Instagram profile is proof that she knows how to squish her busy life into a stylised, beautiful and light 4 x 4 photo. I am currently obsessed with her and have lately been gravitating towards more minimalistic clothing. She is the inspiration I need to spring clean my closet and keep only the necessities. As I struggle with uni work I day dream of a life as simple and fashion forward as Talisa’s. This is what I call easy elegance!

Her outfit is so relaxed and yet so cool. if you think her clothing is cool, you should check out her daily foodstagrams-so amazing and vegan and yummy!



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