Precious Jewels

Hello loves,

Today I want to talk about some of my most precious jewellery. These are the ones that came straight to my mind when I thought about doing this post. I’ve always had a fascination for vintage things, vintage fashion and history in general. I’ve imagined myself loving in different time periods like the 60s(twiggy) or the 40s or the 1920s(flappers). Or how about the days of Versailles and Queen Marie Antoinette? I love that film and I simply adored visiting the amazing palace and exploring the palace grounds. I simply have to go back one day and pretend it’s my home. There is something simply beautiful and romantic about the past. I love looking at antique pieces as well, speaking of antique pieces I found an auction site called where you can spend literally hours browsing the endless amounts of jewellery, art and antique furniture. They are a simply wonderful discovery and I’ll be sure to stop by if I’m searching for some extra special pieces. Continue reading

New Accessories: Copper Earrings


I went shopping this weekend and ended up in an accessories store that was on sale, called I am. “On Sale” I love those two words! I picked up three pairs of earrings on my trip, I could have bought so much more, because everything was so beautiful, but I decided to restrict myself to 3 of my favourite pairs. I’ve recently fallen back in love with accessories and jewellery after I tidied up my jewellery box and storage and rediscovered all these pretty, shiny things that I can add to my outfits and make me sparkle a little more. The earrings of this particular post will definately add a bit of dazzle to my daily outfits. I was immediately attracted to them because Zoe(Zoella on Youtube) is obsessed with all things copper and rose gold. After seeing this pretty pair I completely understand what all the fuss was about, why don’t I have more rose gold and copper in my life? Continue reading