My reaction to The Fault in Our Stars Movie

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Nikki Phillippi Style

Nikki Phillippi Style

Today I’m feeling a bit tired and I’m desperately wishing for this semester to end. So I need some cheering up. Nikki Phillippi is my Youtube fave, and who better to cheer me up than the queen of happy herself. It was a rainy day today and I wore the most random outfit ever…however, I should have opted for this fun and happy outfit. I especially love the boots and the leather jacket and I have most of these items in my closet, Her hair looks awesome as always and she’s the picture of health with her water bottle in her hand.

I’m thinking of possibly doing a weekly #OOTD… what you do think? I hope I can end up looking as cute as Nikki!

Ben Brown’s motto

Ben Brown's motto

I watch Ben Brown’s daily vlogs on Youtube nearly everyday and I think he’s a really positive, inspirational and cool guy. I hope to one day have a life as productive and fun as his. He’s also very talented and you NEED to check out his Visual Vibes videos, especially his recent India one. Totally worth the watch!

Now let’s all: Remember to work hard. Be nice to people. And try not to get lost or killed. ❤