Healthy living, is it for me?

Hi friends,

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. Today I’ve been doing some deep thinking, as per usual, and I’ve been thinking about living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been Insta-stalking some inspiring Instagram profiles of people like me (young 20 something, creative girls with a passion) and I’ve noticed a common theme of inspiration, motivation, health and creativity. Continue reading

Super awesome cardio workout by Amanda Russel

Hey y’all I think I found my new favourite fitness trainer, she used to be a 10,000m athlete and is so awesome.
I did this exact workout last week and found that it was really great for improving fitness and working out your whole body. I’m passionate about fitness and health and feel like I should get into a much healthier lifestyle. If you do Amanda’s workout about three times a week, you’ll be getting fit fast! And have that beach body that everybody seems to be talking about this time of year!