Vuyi’s Goals For 2016

IMG_2644.jpgHey everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a restful winter break and spent lovely quality time with family and close friends over the festive Season. Christmas and New Year is honestly the best time of the year. I ate lots of wonderful, delicious food and relaxed with my family. I now feel rested and reenergised for a new year of amazing opportunities. That’s why I decided to write this blog post actually, because I feel a new sense of purpose and I don’t want to waste a moment of my time wishing for something without chasing my dreams full storm ahead. Without action, a dream will always fail 100% of the time, so I’m taking a huge step with this blog post and facing my fears head on. I’ve been majorly fearful of this blog for a while now. I seek perfection and because I know that I can’t make this blog absolutely perfect I haven’t tried at all. I’m absolutely terrified of this blog if I’m honest. And tonight I decided no more. No more laziness, no more fear and no more procrastination. I achieved quite a lot in 2015 but this blog is one of my major weaknesses, and for what? It’s my free space to express my passions, it should bring me joy not fear, but instead of embracing it with both arms I’ve avoided it because it has showed me everything that I don’t like about myself. My lack of discipline is a prime example of how I’ve failed with this bog, I do one post a every 3 months, maybe? This pattern has to end. I’m sure many people struggle with the same fears and failures but I won’t let these few struggles stop me from following my dreams, no way. Continue reading

Love Liberates by Dr. Maya Agelou

Dr. Maya Angelou
April 4th, 1928- May 28, 2014

After watching this I knew I needed to share this. May we all liberate each other in love. I hope I have half the impact that Maya Angelou has had on the world, and that I would love without boundaries, liberating and not holding anyone back from life.

Thank you Maya, may you rest in peace.


Princess Pia Mia

Hey lovelies!

I recently found some new music which makes me soo happy. I was listening to the Divergent soundtrack and then suddenly realised that one of the songs “fight for you” was by Pia Mia with Chance The Rapper, a close friend to Kylie Jenner. I immediate knew who she was and became really excited!  I already knew she had model looks and killer style and was super curious about her music. After checking out her music on Youtube I was pleasantly surprised, because her voice is amazing.

Noticed by the likes of Kanye West means big things are waiting for her in the future.  She has released her EP The Gift in December and I personally LOVE all the songs. And her cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” puts a permanent smile on my face every time I hear it. Her first single and music video “Red Love” truly shows off her skills. People are calling her the new Rihanna, but I think she is in a league of her own. As for her personal style: SoCal touch of homeless hahaha! Homeless is Pia’s choice of words not mine… she also wears grills 🙂

Other things of interest: Pia is an island girl from Guam. Pia is also rumoured to be dating Disney star Garret Backstorm.

If all this has still not convinced you, listen to the song again, and again. It’s cray. Ok?

So join the wolfpack, you know you want to.

This girl is gonna be big.

pia mia

Pia mia 2



“You never know where life will take you and when. Plan to be great and be ready” -Pia Mia



P.S: She spent some time in the UAE, mainly Dubai and Abu Dhabi and did some recording here! Ya heard! In my home town? Wait what!?

Super awesome cardio workout by Amanda Russel

Hey y’all I think I found my new favourite fitness trainer, she used to be a 10,000m athlete and is so awesome.
I did this exact workout last week and found that it was really great for improving fitness and working out your whole body. I’m passionate about fitness and health and feel like I should get into a much healthier lifestyle. If you do Amanda’s workout about three times a week, you’ll be getting fit fast! And have that beach body that everybody seems to be talking about this time of year!