Healthy living, is it for me?

Hi friends,

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. Today I’ve been doing some deep thinking, as per usual, and I’ve been thinking about living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been Insta-stalking some inspiring Instagram profiles of people like me (young 20 something, creative girls with a passion) and I’ve noticed a common theme of inspiration, motivation, health and creativity.

For years I’ve been feeling a bit stuck and trapped as a victim my own circumstances and I’ve lately been wanting to change that. I just get this insanely exciting feeling when I see a new healthy recipe that I haven’t tried before and when I try it I feel somehow stronger, healthier and happier. Bear in mind that this is a relatively NEW change in me and that it takes me literally months to start a new habit. But for example I’ve been adding flax powder and chia powder to my smoothies for a while now and just last week I had my first Chia seed pudding (which my the way is Yum central). I’ve also been drinking gallons of green tea and feel much more peaceful, clean and healthier inside and out. It’s like my daily mini cleanse. On the other end of the the stick I’ve been wanting to make a dramatic change in my life and go vegetarian. However, long story short my mom thinks that I’d be missing serious amounts if protein that I need for all my organs to function properly. Which on the one end I totally understand, because my least favourite food on the planet is beans and beans are like a staple for vegetarians. On the other hand I think that I need to try it and see how I progress. One thing I do know is that some kind of healthy change is occurring in me. I’m just starting to care about what I put in my body.

The end of this discussion is: is healthy living for me? Will I really change my daily eating habits and put the real effort into my cooking and actually go out to buy fresh, healthy ingredients or will I fail and end up eating a McDonalds double cheese burger or an extra cheesy pizza every Thursday?

I hope you are all making the healthy choices and living a balanced lifestyle filled with positivity, yummy fruits and daily exercise (yeah my next post will be about my laziness and how I need to kickstart my running again…)

All my love,


Food and stuff at a restaurant/café last weekend

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