A walk down fashion memory lane: Birthday looks

Hey friends,

Today’s post is a long one so I think you should come prepared with a nice big cuppa tea and snack in hand. Today I would like to take a walk down memory lane and look at all the fashion looks I have chosen on my birthday, as it’s my birthday week this week(I turned 23 on Thursday). I have always loved fashion but it feels like I always put a bit more effort into my attire on my special day, and why not hey?!

This first look is from my 17th Birthday. My closest girlfriends and I went to dinner in the Marina. I had spent the day watching America’s Next Top Model and went out to buy my first ever contact lenses! Woot for that!

17th birthday

The dress I was wearing made me feel like a princess(a recurring theme in this post, as you will see). Also please note the casual mess that was on my bed that day hahaha!

The following year for my 18th Birthday I opted for a floral peplum, strapless dress with blue heels with butterflies on them.

18th Birthday

This dress was such a fave for me. And the outfit came together quite easily. The dress I bought in South Africa whilst on holiday and I’ve had the shoes for years. I felt like such a doll, because I had pink lipgloss on paired with a matching pink manicure (how sweet!)

For my 19th Birthday, I decided to have dinner with a bunch of my friends at a Mexican restaurant in the Dubai Marina (which is apparently always been my favourite place in Dubai).

19th Birthday

I decided on a chic look that included a simple LBD, with a bold red lip. The silk scarf I added last minute and it was borrowed from a friend.

Onto my 20th Birthday, I had just finished my first year of university and I had soared into my 20s. I bought these Versace for H&M Jeans a few months before my birthday on the day of the launch here in Dubai. And I had been so excited about it for months, so I decided to leave university at around lunch time and head to the mall. Now let’s please note that I barely ever went to the mall on a school night to go shopping never mind a school day, so this was a rare occasion indeed. I remember being in such a rush and buying the jeans super quickly. there was barely anything left in the store as the fashionista’s were there since the morning. But this was my one and only chance to buy them and i picked them up and rushed back to school for a meeting. It was so rushed in fact that I lost my cardigan whilst running. But I think I lost my cardigan often because it seems like I’m sporting another black cardigan in this photo. I love the lighting in this photo and the fact thatI’m standing in the middle of the road with no one in sight. I also like the fact that the flowers in the trees match my trousers.

19th Birthday Versace Jeans

20th birthday (2)

Such a poser haha!

Next up we have my 21st Birthday. The most special of the bunch and a personal favourite of mine because of the lovely gift that I got. I decided to wear a pale blue maxi dress and have my hair up. I went for afternoon tea with my friends  at Dubai Mall and dinner with my family that evening (can you guess where? If you guessed Dubai Marina, you’re correct)

2ist Birthday outfit

21st Birthday (2)

I opted for nude a natural make-up look. I think I had a light blue eye-shadow on though. I accessorised with a belt to give the dress some shape, a blue bracelet and My Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag of course! I’ve always dreamt of owning something from Louis Vuitton and on my 21st Birthday that fashion dream came true! Yayy! I felt like such a princess in this look.

And finally, last but not least. My 22nd Birthday! i actually did a whole post about this whole look already here.

22nd Birthday (vuyi)

This day was amazing because I got to meet my favourite blogger Chiara Ferragni. She is so beautiful and kind. Anyway, on the day I chose to wear a simple dress that my mom had bought be a while back, but that I never got the chance to wear. Good thing my mom has good taste. It’s a maxi dress so it’s super easy breezy.

I wonder what I’ll wear this year. I wonder who I’ll meet. I wonder what crazy adventures I’ll go on. Only time will tell. Oh and Happy Birthday to me!!

Thank you for reading!

Vuyi xo

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