My Favourite Scent

Hey Friends!

How are you all doing? I’m suffering from post birthday depression, in other words it’s no longer my birthday and I’m no longer going to get sweet birthday wishes and hugs and presets and special birthday love. It’s tough…but I’ll survive.

Today I’m going to be talking about a few of my favourite vanilla scented things. I love vanilla and always seem to be attracted by them when i go shopping.

Here are a few of my current favourites:

vanilla candles and products IMG_6446 IMG_6447

My vanilla body spray is from Victoria’s Secret and is called Vanilla Lace. I’ve had it forever and it’s always my go to choice before I head out for the day.

My shower gel is from Palmolive, it’s from their Gourmet Spa range which I absolutely love. This particular one is French vanilla and you smell just like a cup of French vanilla latte 🙂

My candles are my favourite vanilla scented things because they make my room smell AMAZING and I feel instantly relax when they are lit in the evenings. My family have complained, but I love it and it’s my space so I love it. The Brookside candle is also French vanilla and I’m really happy I found this brand of candle because they are suer affordable and amazing. My second candle is from Yankee Candle, a true leader in the candle world. And this little baby is called Vanilla cupcake and it literally smells like a vanilla cake when you burn it. which is amazing because I love cake. I really love Yankee candle because the scent is quite strong, however, it’s a bit out of my price range. So i’ll definitely have to buy these for special occasions.

Okayy, that’s it for today. I can’t believe I have so many vanilla scented things. I must be going a little crazy. time to move on to different scents and smells right? It’s well into the spring/summer season so I’m excited to try some fruity and floral scents.

Thanks for reading!!!

Vuyi xoxo

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