12 First impressions on working life

Hi friends,

It’s been a while and today I wanted to share something quite personal on my blog. I recently started working as an intern and realised that working life has some particular challenges and differences that school and university did not have. I am going to present this in a list and that will hopefully convey my feelings and first impressions of working life.

1. Getting dressed up for work is cool for about 2 days and then no matter how many chic outfits you’ve tried planning in your head, it ain’t cool anymore. I officially do not care about what I look like, but for the sake of work I have to look somewhat presentable (which means black on black on black)

2. You will no longer be able to stay up until the early hours of the morning and manage to have energy for a whole 9 hour day. It simply is not feasible.

3. I’ve never had to be in a building for 9 hours. It drives me crazy that I can’t go home by 3.

4. Having a daily commute to work is part of life now, I just have to get used to the fact that I spend more time on the road than I have ever planned to or liked to.

5. Driving is tiring, people drive like maniacs and traffic sucks.

6. Not everybody is going to like you. I sort of understood this before, but at work to be honest, not everyone is even going to smile at you, or tell you that your shoes are cute. This is at least what I have been experiencing.

7. Waking up is hard, and separating from my bed in the morning is torture. It never gets easier, even if I’ve done it for 3 weeks in a row. It NEVER gets easier. Sleep is king. Which leads me to my next point.

8. Being tired is part of working life. lunch time is actually an energy booster meant to keep you awake and productive for the next few hours of the day (the food is an added bonus)

9. Going to bed at 8:30pm is not being a granny, it’s survival.

10. Instagram is my happy place, it’s also a productivity killer (the shoes and fashion though…sigh)

11. You will make mistakes. And that’s ok, nobody’s perfect.

12. Any small job in your working career is going to give you skills and experience that you are going to be thankful for one day. just stick to it, your dreams are closer than you think! (The more I tell myself this the more I believe that it’s true. Good things come to those how hustle and side hustle and side hustle, know what I’m saying?)

Below are some photos that I’ve been taking and liking on my instagram during my working experience. My instagram is @VuyiJackson.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My morning make-up routine is really important to me. Did you know that I never wore make-up everyday until this year?


I said: Hey I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything right! (these shoes are seriously amazing though!)


And my daily Instagram obsession is cray…but seriously, how amazing does Nicole Warne look?

Hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s post, and I’ll chat to you all soon.

Stay chic. Stay classy. Stay elegant.

Much love,


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