Today’s Pink with Special Guest: Audrey Hepburn

Hi everyone,

I bought a new lip balm today, one that I’ve seen before on Tumblr. The lip balm is called the Labello Lip Butter in the flavour Raspberry Rose. I’ve always used Labello for my lips so I trust them as a company, it also comes in a cute tin pot and smells like raspberries: YUMMY…It sort of reminds me of the Dior Creme de Rose, although to be completely honest I have never actually tried this cult lip balm for myself. Which is sad, but definitely on my list of cult beauty buys. Clearly the packaging to this is not at all special and does not in my opinion make you feel like a princess, which I quite like in beauty products and fashion accessories alike. But alas, I am suffering from horribly dry lips and need some special care after my evening lip scrub-this will have to do for the meantime. The impulse buy, got me inspired to do a a flat layout of all my favourite pink beauty items.I couldn’t put all of them in this post but the first few that came to mind made it to the shoot. Enjoy.


With Love,


Cosmetics in photographs: 1. Labello lip butter in Raspberry Rose 2. Lush Lip Scrub in bubblegum (My boy lollipop) flavour 3. M.A.C Longwear Lipcreme in shade AB2 4. NYX Mega shine Lip gloss in Nude Peach 5. Chanel Chance au Tendre fragrance, 50ml bottle 6. Bruno Banani Made for woman au de toilette, 20ml bottle. 7. Nivea face wash for dry to sensitive skin also shown. *All products are all my own

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