Why I love Kristina Bazan

Wow, Kristina Bazan is incredible.

I have always loved fashion blogging, since 2011 when I stumbled across The Blonde Salad and fell head over heels in love with Chiara Ferragni’s fashion world. And since then I have found many fashion blogs, many capital g ‘Great’ blogs. However, I have most recently become disinterested and maybe even uninspired by them. You see I was a bit obsessed and didn’t use my time constructively and didn’t channel this fascination into motivation. They all seemed distant and dream like and I  felt that I was never going to achieve the lifestyles/careers that these fashion blogging giants had created out of the internet.

But most recently, something has changed in me. Something I haven’t felt before has crept up in me. It’s a feeling I’m not used to and I’m not sure I can accurately and rightly describe it. It’s a dream of some sorts that’s creeping into my thoughts, filling my veins with a different colour. And I have ideas that I’ve never really had before, ideas that I’ve decided to turn into reality. It’s like a start of a new era in my life and I’m not willing to let go of this feeling, this spark.

Getting back to the title of this post. Just today, tonight actually I stumbled across Kayture on Youtube. The channel’s into is all about ‘The New Kayture’ this got me interested. I’ve known about Kristina Bazan’s blog-Kayture for around a year now, but I never paid that much attention. She looked stunning at NYFW but still, I never explored her blog. Like I never spent a good amount of time there. How have I missed this? It’s beautiful. Everything that I like to see in a blog: vision, beauty, class, ease. It’s perfect. It’s not too braggy, but you can tell that she is proud of her accomplishments; as she should be. And in her blog’s third year anniversary post I found just the inspiration I needed to keep moving forward with my dreams, and think outside the box. She had me realise that there are always going to be problems, mistakes, trouble and hardship. But if you are working for something that you truly believe in, that you are truly passionate about, that nothing can and should stop you. Kristina wanted her blog to be a space for positivity so she said that she leaves all the drama and bad feelings behind the camera. She wants her readers to come to her blog and feel inspired and happy. Isn’t that beautiful?! Kristina has troubles. She has down days! Things sometimes don’t work out the way she wants. But she still keeps moving, keeps working, keeps inspiring. She doesn’t give up. This just made me happy, and made me want to write this post. Maybe it’s not that interesting and maybe I’m rambling, but I want to achieve my dreams too, and I don’t want to give up because I’m afraid, or because it might not be the ‘safe’ bet. I want to fall a million times and get back up a million and one times. That will be the new me. May this blog be filled with, love, hope and confidence.


model material

model material

Thank you Kristina!

all my love,


P.S. you can find Kristina at http://www.kayture.com/


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