Pink lips makeup look

Hey y’all,

I’m back with a new makeup look. I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! And with that being said I’ll give you a little background to this look. I was just in my room chilling, when suddenly I felt like putting on some makeup. I pulled out all my makeup and decided to experiment with some of my products. I put on some lip liner and filled in my eyebrows and voila this look was born. It’s nothing special but I really like the change.  Continue reading

Guess Floral Dress Birthday Look

Hey folks,

So today I would like to show you the dress I wore for my birthday last month. I was lucky enough to received a dress from Guess Los Angeles. I love Guess and it’s a brand that actually holds sentimental value to me because I received my first “proper” handbag from Guess. The look I went for with this floral, silk dress was very ladylike. I went for tea with my mom and sister and ate macaroons that day so I think the dress suited the occasion perfectly. I think dresses like these are brilliant, because they are very light for summer and are quite fun.

Miss Easy Elegance: Guess Dress p1. Continue reading

Taking a moment to breathe (and sip on green tea)

Hey friends!

Summer is well and truly upon us, well nearly and everyone is busy making a plan to leave on various trips, they are even making plans for the fall, working on their bikini bodies or just plain working. I’ve been feeling quite strange lately. I’ve been trying to truly embrace my inner creative and dreamer. I’ve been working on some personal goals and trying to figure out what this blogging world is all about. To be completely honest with you, it hasn’t been too easy. I have been working on my “bikini body” and I do have plans for summer. I even have plans for the fall. However, none of this is truly satisfying and by that I mean that I’ve wanted to do more. I’ve been meaning to do something different and that “something different” hasn’t been all that easy to figure out. In some sense I think that that’s ok. It’s ok not to have your life 100% figured out. It’s ok not to have a well thought out and planned road map for very decision you are going to take. Planning is great, being busy is also great but you need to take the time out to reflect and just be sometimes. That’s what I’ve been doing a lot of and I think it’s going to be a good thing in the long run because I’m taking time to figure out my values in the midst of the rush of life. Continue reading

New concealer on my face: Maybeline Fit Me!

Hey Friends,

Today I wanted to talk to you about my new concealer. I was previously using a Mac concealer which I was really enjoying but after it finished I decided to look for more affordable alternatives. I like this one from Maybeline a lot. I like the fact that it comes with an easy to use applicator. It’s not too heavy and cakey on the skin which is something I really appreciate and I can easily blend it with my Garnier BB cream and it looks lovely.  The colour is definitely not completely my shade, but I’m sure I can find something lighter if I look. The one I’m using makes my skin look very brown and darker to what I’m used to. But that’s ok, I just look a bit tanned is all. I’m definitely going to think about purchasing the Fit Me! Foundation as well. Continue reading

Everyday Makeup Routine – A Return to Blogging


Hi Friends!

It’s been an age and a half hasn’t it?! I haven’t blogged since last year!  How has everyone been lately? I’ve been well, and have been watching a crazy amount of YouTube videos. I’ve been suffering from a serious case writers block. I feel like I really want to blog more because I seriously love this platform and all the creative possibilities it holds however, I’ve been lacking in inspiration to try it out some more. Somehow this morning I woke up with the sudden urge to blog and with that being said here we are. Continue reading