New concealer on my face: Maybeline Fit Me!

Hey Friends,

Today I wanted to talk to you about my new concealer. I was previously using a Mac concealer which I was really enjoying but after it finished I decided to look for more affordable alternatives. I like this one from Maybeline a lot. I like the fact that it comes with an easy to use applicator. It’s not too heavy and cakey on the skin which is something I really appreciate and I can easily blend it with my Garnier BB cream and it looks lovely.  The colour is definitely not completely my shade, but I’m sure I can find something lighter if I look. The one I’m using makes my skin look very brown and darker to what I’m used to. But that’s ok, I just look a bit tanned is all. I’m definitely going to think about purchasing the Fit Me! Foundation as well.

Maybeline Fit Me! Concealer

Mybeiline Fit me concealer: Miss Easy EleganceMaybeline Fit Me! Concealer: Miss Easy Elegance (2)

The concealer does a great job of minimising dark circles under my eyes, which is one of my main problems. I’m super into the minimal make-up lately and having a good concealer is the perfect tool in these situations.

Hope you liked today’s post.

Thank you for reading!

Vuyi xoxo

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