Bath and Body Works travel set

Bath and Body Works Mini travel range of Paris Amour

Bath and Body Works Mini travel range of Paris Amour

Hello loves!

For these months of traveling, especially my 2 weeks in England I relied on travelling as light as possible. For that I went to Bath and Body works, my favourite candle store and looked for my signature scent for these holidays. I immediately gravitated towards Paris Amour mostly because I love Paris and wanted something light and romantic for my travels. I’m telling you the body wash lasted for like nearly 3 weeks. Amazing stuff! And I still use the hand and body lotion on the daily. And because I didn’t want to carry around my special/heavy Chanel perfumes(Chanel chance is my signature scent!) I have been relying on spritzing myself with the body spray before I head out for the day. It’s the perfect travel companion to have for a girl on the go who doesn’t want to log around a heavy perfume.

And that my friends is my review done.

Have a lovely Thursday,


Vuyi xx

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