Clinique moisturiser love

Clinique dramatically different moisturiser for combination to oily skin

Clinique dramatically different moisturiser for combination to oily skin

I have told you all about how much I love this moisturiser recently on the blog. This time my moisturiser gets it’s own special post, mainly to showcase both the size of this bad boy and the ┬ásleek, basic packaging. Buying quality products always makes me happy. There is something quite satisfying about buying something that many people have loved and have doted on. (By doted on I mean recommend and talk about fondly). My mini travel set of skin care has started to dwindle in size as my sister and I are both sharing it. Therefore I had to go and buy a extra large moisturiser to suit both our needs. This moisturiser is the size of my hand. It going to take a long while to finish that bottle.

I’m very pleased with this moisturiser as it is the first moisturiser that I have tried for oily skin . Before I was afraid of producing more oil on my skin. Not fun. However, this moisturiser is a gel, and is not of oily consistency at all. It also absorbs into the skin quite well and fast and I am also quite pleased with the way my face feels afterwards as well, not to dry and not over slippery/sticky. I’m excited to see how my skin fares with this moisturiser when I’m back on home ground again. As my skin is not in the best shape at the moment due to weather, travel situations, but when I’m back home my skin should go back to normal, without as many blemishes and spots as now.

Hoorah for Clinique!



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