Motivation to look after myself

Hello Lovelies!

Stumbled across this quote last night whilst blog hopping.

coco chanel quote

Hope this inspires everyone to look after themselves and spend a little extra ‘me’ time. I really do think that the beautiful women out there actually do spend time to make themselves look a certain way and work out and eat healthy. It’s not always easy, but it’s damn worth it, because it makes you feel good and gives you confidence. I also think this applies to the type of person we are on the inside, that we need to practice qualities of patience, kindness and love and that they are not things that always come easy in every situation and that to cultivate them takes effort. Hopefully I will have a little extra motivation for my day tomorrow and do the things that needs doing to make me a more beautiful person on the outside and on the inside. Like my mother always says “It’s painful to be beautiful!” 😉



Vuyi xx