My new black bag from Forver21

Black Forever21 BagHi Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well today. Today’s post will focus on this lovely bag I bought last week. I went shopping for an outfit to wear to my friend’s graduation. I was thinking of finding a dress, but because my budget was relatively small and I left it to literally the last minute I had limited options. I ended up pulling together a few pieces, mainly focusing on my accessories. This black bag caught my eye immediately. Mainly because of the gold details. I’ve been needing a small bag for a while now, as I’m usually burdened down by my slouchy day bag during the evenings. Which is not ideal let me tell you. With that being said, I picked up the little black bag with three pockets and instantly fell in love. I used it that night for the graduation, the celebration dinner and everyday since then.  I love how a classy, cool bag can easily pull together a simple outfit.

The bag is big enough to fit all my necessities including a pair of cute sunglasses, my money, my phone and even a scarf if I need one. The strap is also quite long but adjustable so you can change it according to where you want it to hang. I’m so happy I finally have a black bag in my collection again. Now I just need a bigger bag for work situations and I’ll be all set.

I’d encourage you to really check out the bags and accessories at Forever21 as you may find some real gems at an affordable price.

Thanks for Reading!

Vuyi xoxo

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