Mentally somewhere else…


I know I am a daydreamer, but lately I’ve been feeling like I live on a completely different planet in my head. And I don’t particularly want to come back down to earth. I just want my dreams to come true, or to live a life where a can afford to live in a permanent day dream, like Walt Disney or Karl Lagerfeld, they could be considered mad to some people, but they don’t care what other people think and they were or are both considered massively successful. I want to be successful and make my fairy-dreams a reality. And everyone around me who really knows me, can tell that I am different and awkward and love me for it. Some want me to accept my flaws. But I just want to be able to relax and be ok with being different…

if anyone knows how to help me, or even understands my rambling, please get in touch.

yours sincerely,

a struggling dreamer


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