Tuesday’s make-up look in sunny South Africa


Loving Tanya Burr's picnic in the park lipgloss!

Loving Tanya Burr’s picnic in the park lipgloss!

Today's lips

Today’s lips

Miss easy elegance everyday make-up

Hello lovelies!! I’m back and I’m in sunny South Africa!

I’ve ┬ámissed blogging SO much and have been buying an overload of lip products in order to fill the beauty blogging hole in my heart. One of them happens to be from Tanya Burr’s Lips and Nails range in the colour Picnic in the Park. I was so excited to be able to buy it in Super drug after hearing of it for months and months! It excited me so much that I took a picture of it to secure it in my memories forever.




Today I chose to wear my first MAC lipstick in the colour Unlimited, it’s part of the Stay-fast collection. I never really knew how to wear it, but now I know that it goes perfect with a light pink lipgloss. It last pretty much the whole day without reapplication, however, it does tend to stick to dry patches and so looks much better with a moisturising lipgloss over it.

I can’t wait to share other make-up looks with you all. Sorry about the I-phone photos but I don’t have my camera or my laptop with me (fail blogger move) on the other hand, it gives me the opportunity to make the most out of what I have!

Much love!

Don’t forget to eat your veggies,wear red lipstick and don’t let boys be mean to you. (Forget about exercise-shopping is my cardio!)

Until next time! Bisous!

Vuyi xx




p.s if you have any liquid foundation recommendations for oily skin, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I would love to try a liquid foundation!


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