Breakfast and Baking


Hello dolls! Whenever I’m feeling particularly bored during these endlessly long summer days I get the baking itch. I made lemon drizzle cake a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday (pictured below)


This week, on Thursday I woke up STARVING after having a quite vivid dream about PIZZA, I’m obsessed with Pizza so having a dream about it can cause me to get up early in search of something to fill my tummy up fast. I didn’t have pizza so instead I opted for fried eggs, fried rice and some fan fried tomato. I usually don’t go for big breakfast fry ups when i’m at home, so this was quite the change.


It ended up being one of the most satisfying breakfast’s I’ve had in ages! Thank goodness for spanish rice leftovers!!

Then I decided to bake blueberry banana muffins, from a recipe I found on Bloglovin from a blog called Peanut Butter Runner. I’ve loved Blueberry muffins for years now and have always wanted to bake them myself. It proved harder than I though, as the first batch I baked turned out TERRIBLE…so bitter for some reason. This was really disappointing for me and I decided to go shopping for better baking equipment, new blueberries and start from scratch again. This was a wonderful plan, as it got me out of the house and it also got me extra focused on my second try at baking the muffins. They turned out brilliant as I followed the instructions to a T.



^^The infamous horrible first batch. Looked lovely though!


The second batch. Yay! I was so relieved and happy. Persistence pays off!



Well, that’s it for my baking/cooking adventures. Will be sure to inform everyone on my progress towards Wifey status lol! (not that I’m married or anything!)

Thank you for reading!

Vuyi xoxo

P.S The recipe for the blueberry banana muffins I baked:

*Be sure to follow the instructions and the ingredients for excellent results!



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